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Swag Clothing

Don’t Overheat While Dancing

Whether you’re an expert hip hop dancer or only taken a few hip hop classes, if you’ve ever done any dancing you know one thing: you can expect to sweat a lot. No matter who you are and what kind of swag clothing that you are wearing, you’ll be soaked within a few minutes of dancing. Hip hop is a high-energy form of dance. You have to work your body to dance hip hop, and a result of this is usually drenched swag clothes by the end of the night.

The amount of energy you burn -- and the amount that you sweat -- is one reason why so many people put on their swag dance clothing and take up hip hop dancing. But this can also be a problem if you aren’t careful because it’s very easy to overheat when you are performing a hip hop dance class or routine. If you don’t watch yourself, it’s easy to push too hard and wind up in a serious health situation.

Many of the ways that you can avoid overheating during a hip hop dance class or performance are common sense. You need to drink plenty of water -- not soda and not “power” drinks like Gatorade that often have high levels of sugar. You need to watch the warning signs and take a break in a cool area on a regular basis. However, the clothes that you wear can also play a major factor in keeping you cool.

When you shop for swag clothing online, pay attention to the fabrics that are used. Stiff, artificial fabrics like polyester don’t breathe well, meaning that you’ll heat up far more quickly than if you are wearing natural fibers. For example, www.swagdanceclothing.com has dance pants in a cotton-blended fleece that breathes naturally and will cool you down. Your dance moves are hot but there’s no reason you need to be just because of your clothing.

Swag Clothes

We believe that self-expression is an undeniable quality in dance and the way you dress while dancing. The swag clothes we offer are stylish, unique and comfortable. But most importantly, the Swag Sweatpants represent the exclusive and distinctive qualities of the dancer who wears them. We are dedicated to bring you style and swag and let you create your own unique set that is going to best represent and express who you are. You can choose from a variety of fabulous fabric and zipper colors and choose the pattern for your pockets. We have 11 funky pocket designs, 5 basic zipper options and 11 vibrant sweatpants colors. Let your creativity begin and design your own swag clothing. Any combinations of these three elements are possible - let your imagination deicide. Create your own unique Swag Sweatpants and we will deliver it to you at your front door. And if you by any chance are not happy with the size or the color or anything else with the swag pants we will be happy to exchange it for you or issue a refund.

The Swag Pants are inspired from the dancers on the streets representing style and a unique attitude towards dance fashion. Get swagged out and order your swag clothing online at Swagdanceclothing.com. We aim to provide a fun and engaging shipping atmosphere for you. We are a Los Angeles based online swag store clothes delivering nation-wide and internationally. Forget about all the lines and the sold out sizes at your local dance wear store. Swagdanceclothing.com always have a wide range of sizes in stock. Don't settle for the traditional boring dance pants; spice up your dance moves in a pair of Swag Sweatpants.